Sunday, December 7, 2014

Yodeling Yardbird Schnoodle

Spencer the Yodeling Yardbird Schnoodle 
"Call me an outlaw. Call me a protector. Just don't ever call me late for dinner!" 

Spencer the Schnoodle, a cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle, may look all fluffy and innocent and cute. Behind those honey colored eyes lurks the intelligent mind of a willful criminal. 

Most days Spencer happily guards his living room window barking at passersby and squirrels, but there are times when he feels a tiny bit rebellious. Several little incidents led him to attending a sleep-away obedience school. 

His worst offense could be considered a federal crime. He once ate three books of stamps. (What else was he going to do with them. It's not like a dog can write!) 

Spencer "dances" with Emma 
Watercolor & Ink
8" by 10"
Cold Pressed Paper, Matted & Framed 12 3/4" by 16 3/4"
Original HOLD

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