Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lily Pad Leaper Shar Pei Mix

Flora - the Lily Pad Leaper Shar Pei Mix  
"Hello. Pet me. Hello. Pet me. Hello. Hello! Hello!!!"

Meet Flora, the Labrador, American Bulldog, and Shar Pei mix. She's very happy to meet you, because greeting people is her official job. Her unofficial job is looking adorable and smiling on command.

The first time she met Ericka it didn't go quite as Flora planned and instead of lovely belly rubs, Flora awoke with a shaved tummy. As one of Ericka's first spay patients, Flora made a big contribution to Ericka's career, and Ericka offered to share her home and veterinary office with Flora. Both agree that the arrangement turned out great. Although, there was one miscommunication incident where Flora thought she'd redecorate the apartment with confetti she carefully created by chewing three years of vet school notes.

Flora works hard, and she plays... well... she plays awkwardly. She once confused lily pads with grass  and tried to run on the lily pads. Flora didn't float. She sank, and as she popped her head out of the water, she looked shocked. Whether that shock was for the surprise bath or the hysterically laughing witnesses on shore we'll never know.

Flora hugs her favorite veteranarian, Ericka
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