Friday, April 4, 2014

Silly Spokesbird Macaw

Tango - the Silly Spokesbird Macaw

"Peacocks aren't the only ones who like to strut their pretty plumage."

At just eighteen years old (Macaws can live for over 75 years) Tango has found his place in the world  working as a spokesbird to educate young and old on the joys and responsibilities of living with birds. Tango travels, with his flock of fellow parrots, around the Twin Cities greeting people with his stunning display of colorful feathers at birthday parties, hardware stores, and convention centers.

Tango also plays host to birds, cats, dogs, and other small creatures who stay at his house for an animal holiday.

Weighing just over two pounds (1,200 grams), Tango is full of sweetness and trust. This silly bird often talks up a storm and although he really loves his jobs as spokesbird and host what he truly enjoys is feeding the squirrels.

Tango tells secrets to Juli

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