Sunday, July 6, 2014

Leading Lady Lapdog Frenchie

Tinka - the Leading Lady Lapdog Frenchie 
"My agent says I am 'Oh La La Lovable.'"

Tinka's adoption began with a search for a compact, companion dog during a difficult battle with cancer. Her family had always favored St. Bernards (who may think of themselves as lapdogs, but are really please-stop-smothering-me-with-love dogs). Tinka's cuddly 20 pounds and clownish behavior made her the perfect fit, and her bully determination (she is a French Bulldog after all) helped defeat the disease.

Not satisfied to be just any old sidekick, Tinka set off on her own career. You may have seen Tinka on a recent department store TV ad or in a magazine. She often models the latest fashion trends and accessories such as a pink polished, "pawdicured" nails or a temporary glitter tattoo next to her tiny bulldog tail.

As any celebrity will tell you a good stylist is a must. Luckily, Tinka works very closely with one at the family's dog grooming shop where she also volunteers as a greeter.

Tinka shows Cyndi & Gordan how to pose like a super model
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