Where did the name Petburbia come from?
  • I combined Pets and Suburbia to create a distinctive name. Although I've limited the 2014 project to pets from the Twin Cities suburbs, I may venture into the city or out to the county for 2015.
How did it work?
  • I met pets and their families through friends, coworkers, Facebook, word of mouth, and different animal events around the Twin Cities.
So, the original paintings are for sale?
  • Yes! Pet parents get the first chance to purchase the original artwork of their pet.
What are the specs of the original paintings?
  • Each painting measures 8 by 10 inches. They are painted on professional grade Arches 140 pound, cold pressed watercolor paper. I use a variety of professional grade watercolor paints from Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, and Holbein. I also use Prismacolor ink and pencil.
Are the original paintings sold already framed?
  • Yes. Each painting is finished with a white mat and black frame measuring 12.75 by 16.75 inches.
Watercolor paper is delicate and can easily get marked or marred. You may have seen watercolors sold at art fairs in a plastic sleeve with a backer board and mat. Rather than buying a bunch of packaging that ends up in the trash, I prefer to spend just a few dollars more for a frame, ready to hang in a gallery or your home. Once you purchase, you can change the frame if you prefer and reuse, regift, or donate the original frame.
What's the purchase price for the original paintings?
  • $250.
Are prints available?
  • Yes! Prints start at just $15, and ImageKind can print on canvases up to 55 inches wide.
What if I want my pet on a t-shirt or greeting cards?
  • I have a store on CafePress. You can purchase a variety of fun apparel, home goods and gifts with your favorite Petburbia image.

Do you accept commissions?
  • Yes. Contact me, and we'll talk about your project.

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