Sunday, April 13, 2014

Zen Zoned Pug

Benny - the Zen Zoned Pug 
"I prefer to call them laugh lines."

When Benny's Air Force family received orders to take flight without him, this scrappy dog landed on his feet with the Midwest Pug Rescue. Of course, his foster family had to adopt him. Just look at that adorable face!

Although you'll most often find him playing statue and barely moving, Benny does have some curly-tail wagging adventures with his best friend Buddy.

Deep in his tough, little heart Benny knows that he could have been an award winning actor. When you call his name, he stops, perks up his ears, and slowly turns to look at you with all the drama of a soap opera star.

Benny occasionally keeps up his stunt-dog skills by leaping off the couch and flying over the end table in a single bound to land victoriously in the recliner for a nice long meditation nap.

Benny and his best buddy, Buddy

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