Sunday, May 11, 2014

Irrepressible Idol Chin

Sadie - the Irrepressible Idol Chin
"A diva must always look divine."

Those flowing locks. That perfect button nose. That (mostly) calm demeanor. Sadie was born to be adored as a show dog from the first moment her tiny paw alighted on her first silk cushion. Until the unthinkable happened... her legs got too long. (This human wouldn't mind having such a problem.)

Now retired from her career as a champion Japanese Chin, Sadie enjoys greeting fellow rescued Chins and Tibetan Spaniels, human friends, and horses. Occasionally, she'll goes to extremes to visit her equine neighbors. She'll use those long legs to jump the back fence.

No worries, though. Sadie always knows the way back to her front door. After all, she convinced three different potential adopters that her home was with her original foster family from Luv-a-chin.

Click Sadie's painting to learn more about her from the family Sadie chose to adopt.

Marlo dances for the crowd while Sadie enjoys her retirement

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