Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vocal Vaulting Basset

Abby - the Vocal Vaulting Basset 
"In my dreams I race rabbits and always win with my ears flapping like eagles wings behind me."

From paw to shoulder, Abby may only be a foot tall, but she packs a lot of heart (and 52 pounds) into her long Basset Hound frame.

Yes, every dog at the dog park can run zig zagging circles around her, but Abby still loves to play the game, and in true hound style she howls with enthusiasm, cheering everyone forward. When the taller dogs dash into the pond, Abby makes quite the sight splashing behind them with her long ears floating out next to her.

At home Abby entertains herself by jumping from the couch to the table and jumping from the table to the other side of the baby gate to get to her people. She's very clever at finding the best ways to jump over obstacles and practices her vertical leap daily over the drain pipe in her backyard.

Abby snuggles with Diana 
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