Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eager Entertainer Hamster

Hammie - the Eager Entertainer Hamster
"Let's roll!"

Hammie, the Black Russian Dwarf Hamster, has a huge heart and an even bigger personality trapped in a 12 centimeter long body.

Sporting a handsome white collar and a distinctive mustache, Hammie always looks like he's dressed in his best for an outing with his girl. Whether he's enjoying a leisurely stroll in his wheel at 3 am, or racing through the kitchen in his ball, or chilling with his family in front of the TV, Hammie makes sure he gets noticed.

His favorite game involves taunting the family cat and performing daring acrobatics in his cage for a very curious dog.

Hammie plays with Kinsey at the park

Watercolor & Ink
8" by 10"
Cold Pressed Paper, Matted & Framed 12 3/4" by 16 3/4"
Original $250

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