Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lucky Loving Domestic

Sage the Lucky Loving Domestic 
"I still 8 lives left, and I'm making the most of them!"

Sage, the Domestic Short-hair, is a very lucky black cat. She lives with a vet tech who understands how fortunate she is to be alive after a surgery and infection that left Sage with only one kidney.

Named after her impressive green eyes, Sage has adopted the care and compassion she received into her own mission. From her perch overlooking her St. Paul street, Sage keeps one eye out the window for pedestrians and squirrels and another eye on Reggie the pug playing in her living room. Reggie recently lost his hearing and Sage acts as his assistance cat leading him to the kitchen or the front door when he is needed for a greeting or an eating.

Reggie offers his toy, but Sage refuses to share her cat treat
Watercolor & Ink
8" by 10"
Cold Pressed Paper, Matted & Framed 12 3/4" by 16 3/4"
Original HOLD

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