Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kooky Kindred Parrot

Hector - the Kooky Kindred Parrot  
"I don't ask 'who is a pretty bird?' Because we all know it is I. Hector!"

At 31 years old, Hector the Orange Wing Amazon Parrot is not only very colorful, he's lived quite a colorful life. Unfortunately, this talkative bird doesn't share any of those stories with his bird rescuing family.

What he does share is a playful attitude and a tight grip on the attentions of his main guy Joe. Hector, also enjoys razzing on his little human brother, Sam. And Sam enjoys laughing when Hector falls over trying to wrestle free from his bird harness. As they say, boys will be boys, and birds will be birdie!

Hector and Zeke hang out with their family and feathered flock

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