Sunday, September 14, 2014

Canoeing Corded Puli

Cru - the Canoeing Corded Puli 
"Take me with you. I'll lead the way!"

Cru, the Puli, digs adventures as much as his human roommates. His corded fur dreadlocks make him waterproof. Perfect for heading out on the canoe and barking at the ducks. Sadly, all that fur can take up to 2 days to dry after his swim.

As a natural herding dog from a long line of Hungarian sheepdogs, Cru always keeps an eye on everyone in the party and makes sure they all get to where they need to go. He especially loves herding his "sister" Ella.

The fact that his name is Cru and the little black Puli is named Ella ... Cru-Ella, is not a coincidence. Ella came with the name Gabby as a rescue dog. She's got a bit of a devious side. Good thing Cru can lead her out of mischief.

Cru hanging out with Bryan and Ella the dark haired beauty
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