Friday, January 3, 2014

Hungry Hockey Cat

Booker Matisse - the Hungry Hockey Cat

"That sandwich you're eating belongs to me." 

After a rousing game of bottle cap hockey, (the goal is in your favorite shoe) Booker needs a snack and yours will do nicely.

This former, farm cat has a bit of an identity crisis. 
  • He's dressed like a cow with black and white spots. 
  • Booker acts like a chicken when anyone comes to the door. He even peed on me once to get away from a first-grade girl! 
  • He dreams of being a swamp monster. He hides behind the shower curtain and jumps out to scare people.
  • He's part fainting goat. Booker falls to his side and offers up his tummy every (I really do mean every) time you climb the stairs.
  • Booker really should have been born as a dog. He greets me when I come home. He comes when you call him. He wags his tail. He is 100% a food hound. He carries sticks and hockey pucks (aka plastic bottle caps) in his mouth. Most importantly, he is very loyal. 
Booker & Melissa Black

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