Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rowdy Remodeling Guinea Pig

Izzy Roo - the Rowdy Remodeling Guinea Pig
"Just because I'm a piggy, doesn't mean I have to live in a pigsty!"

Izzy knows exactly where everything goes in her house. And when her maids clean her abode, she has a devil of a time getting everything back into precisously the right spot.

This 7 year old, senior, American Guinea Pig insists on moving her tunnels and nests around until she is completely satisfied, no matter what her housemates think. She'll knock over the plastic igloo where her friend Candy is sleeping and push it to the corner for herself.

In fact, this rebel pig often turns over all of the huts, except for one. All that work tires a girl out, and she needs a nice quiet place to catch up on her beauty sleep.

Rescued from a shelter on Mother's Day, Izzy is a strong willed, mighty pig who enjoys caring for her friends and snuggling with her people.

Izzy with pig companions Candy, Mouse, & Wisp held by Savanna, Abby, & Cameron

Watercolor & Ink
8" by 10"
Cold Pressed Paper, Matted & Framed 12 3/4" by 16 3/4"
Original $250

Prints, Custom Framed Prints, and Stretched Canvas starting at $15

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