Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Petburbia Project

Family Dogs Painted in 2013
Yes. I'm the geek who goes to a party and sits on the floor playing with the dog for most of the night.

I love animals and I love talking to people about their pets. My family loved the paintings I did of their dogs, so for 2014 I'm amping up the challenge.

Each week I will post a new painting of a suburban pet I have met and photographed recently. I'm all about a great pet personality with a wonderful tale to tell.

I'm limiting this 2014 project to just the Twin Cities suburbs, but not to just cats and dogs. Great pets come in all shapes, ages, and sizes.

Each week I'll paint an 8x10 single pet portrait with watercolor and ink on 140 lb cold-pressed Arches watercolor paper. I'll post the painting here, along with a photo of the owner(s) and pet, and a short story about what makes that pet extra amazing.

If you and your furry best friend would like to be considered for the Petburbia Project contact me at

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