Sunday, February 9, 2014

Boxing Bovine Cat

"Rules and roles are meant to be broken."

Willfulness. Yep, willful describes everything about Peanuts. This is a cow-coated, domestic cat with his, oops, her own mind. 

Actually, Peanuts was considered to be a boy, right up to the moment the vet called with x-rays in hand. "Peanuts is a girl!"

Born in a barn and abandoned, Peanuts adopted a new mother who bottle fed her until she got stronger. You'd think that well-seasoned farmer would have known about the boy's and the girl's stuff, but Peanuts never does things like you'd expect.

The "no fur where there is food" rule doesn't seem to stick with this frequent kitchen counter surfer.

And when you try to pet Peanuts, she prefers a boxing match -- up on her hind legs, front paws in the sky, and ready to go ten rounds.

A finicky eater from the start, Peanuts prefers to separate her chef's medley kibble by scooping it out of the bowl, eating her favorite flavors, and leaving the rest to scatter across the hard wood. The dog is the only one who approves of this activity.

Peanuts as an unhappy pillow for Charley the Chow mix

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