Friday, February 28, 2014

Gourmet Gobbler Lab Mix

Embry - the Gourmet Gobbler Lab Mix 
"Let me eat cake!"

This 70 pound, kitchen counter surfer learned the hard way the importance of being stealthy. On one of Embry's first days in his new home he jumped, whole dog, on the counter to claim some awesome smelling people food. Despite his athletic pedigree as a Black Lab and Border Collie mix, Embry immediately fell off the kitchen counter into a pile of frustratingly, famished fur.

Embry enjoys walks with his people, but that's the extent of his physical endeavors (that don't involve food).

This labrador mix even hates water. He refuses to go near a bathroom, and jumping in a lake would be downright icky.

In his 6 years of dogged observation, Embry has learned a number of useful tricks. His greatest caper involved stealing and devouring an entire cake!

Embry begs for belly rubs from his guy, Mitch

Watercolor & Ink
8" by 10"
Cold Pressed Paper, Matted & Framed 12 3/4" by 16 3/4"
Original $250

Prints, Custom Framed Prints, and Stretched Canvas starting at $15
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