Saturday, February 15, 2014

Xtremely Xpressive XXL Newfy

Ruby - the Xtremely Xpressive XXL Newfy

"You said there would be kids. Are the kids coming? Where are the kids?"

If there are kids there, Ruby wants to be there. Even if she has to put on fairy wings and walk around the neighborhood as a "Minnesota Mosquito" for Halloween.

Graceful in the water and gracious on land, Ruby embodies all of the best traits of the Newfoundland breed. Trained in water rescue and certified as a therapy dog, this big dog (120 pounds) has big thoughts, and they are most often about others, no matter what their size.

You can often find Ruby in a parade, on the lake, at the library, or even hanging around a university during finals week.

Ruby may be one of the biggest dogs you'll ever meet, but don't worry, she'll always make room for more friends, including a few therapy chickens and guinea pigs! (Note: no chickens or guinea pigs have been harmed or eaten by Ruby.)

Ruby and Karima laugh at a funny story

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