Sunday, March 23, 2014

Colossal Couch Potato Dane

Jade - the Colossal Couch Potato Dane
"Everyone needs a place of their own. Just don't take my place on the couch."

Jade, the six-year-old Great Dane, demonstrates her greatness with all the calm grace of a gentle giant.

In fact, this 118 pound beauty, never lets anything rattle her, except that one squirrel who always taunts her. Jade hates squirrels.

She loves her couch. Jade enjoys sitting on the couch like a human, with her bottom on the cushion, her back paws planted on the floor, and her front leg draped over the arm rest. And forget about trying to steal her favorite spot. Jade will look down on you and glare at you with the full confidence that you will move out of her rightful spot on the couch.

She may be gentle, but this giant usually gets what she wants.

Jade flirts with another dog (off camera) while out with Kari 
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