Sunday, March 16, 2014

Well-mannered Winter Husky

Neiko - the Well-mannered Winter Husky
"I silently stalk deer."

Famous for their running ability as sled dogs, this Siberian Husky tried to make a break for it on her adoption day. Luckily Neiko was found, and she's been a very good dog ever since then.

Mostly good. There was that time she opened the side door and walked out of the house on a mission. Of course her mission was to find her people and hang out with them in the garage. Neiko has a mind of her own, but it's usually focussed on how she can please her team of people, especially her Momma, Rebecca.

While most Huskies enjoy a good howl, Neiko prefers to keep silent. She has mastered the art of patience. This serves her well when she lets out her inner wolf to chase deer through the snow.

Neiko takes Rebecca & Steve to the Pet Expo

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