Friday, March 7, 2014

Frisky Following Harlequin

Rascals - the Frisky Following Harlequin

"I give new meaning to the term Sock Hop!"

Rascals believes with his full, bunny heart that he should live up to his name. As a Harlequin rabbit, Rascals happily acts the part of a clown, putting on a show of acrobatic flips in the air and daring feats of people climbing.

His favorite activity involves chasing people around his house like a puppy. Watch out if Rascals catches you. He'll claim your socks and toes as his prize!

This super soft, 3 pound, bundle of energy also possesses the curiosity of a cat. On the night he escaped from his pen, Rascals didn't hop for the hills or scavenge in the kitchen. He followed the sound of his favorite person into the bathroom and quietly watched her get ready for bed. Rascals is known for being a bit nosy, and as a growing bunny, his frisky interests have caused a few... let's say awkward moments.

Rascals cuddles with his lady love, Marissa

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